We've Got Everything You Need

Our bus is stocked with all of the necessary items to serve up amazing ice cream. With a range of packages to select from and flavors to choose, you’ll be able to customize your experience so that it fits with your event. We provide premium ice cream, toppings, cups, cones, spoons, napkins and more. The Ellie P’s bus is also completely self-sufficient with its own generator and does not require an electrical outlet from the venue.  Let us bring the fun to your special occasion!

Pick Your Package

All packages are for 1 hour, up to 100 people.

One Mega Scoop
( Package 1 )

Choice of 4 flavors · Whipped Cream · Rainbow Sprinkles · Chocolate Sprinkles

$6 Per Person + Tax

Two Mega Scoops
( Package 2 )

Choice of 4 flavors · Whipped Cream · Rainbow Sprinkles · Chocolate Sprinkles

$7 Per Person + Tax

Super Sundae Bar
( Package 3 )

Choice of 4 Flavors · 2 Mega Scoops · Toppings Bar with 8 Sweet & Crunchy Toppings · Gourmet Hot Fudge, Caramel, Chocolate Sauces · Whipped Cream · Maraschino Cherries

$9 Per Person + Tax

Premium Ice Cream Flavors

Sweet & Crunchy Toppings:

Rainbow Sprinkles – Chocolate Sprinkles – Mini Chocolate Chips – Mini Marshmallows – M&M’s – Oreo Cookie Crumbles – Chopped Butterfinger – Pecan Praline Pieces – Graham Cracker Crumbs – Peanut Crumbles – Gummy Bears – Sour Patch Kids – Reese’s Pieces – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Ellie Cupcake Bites

We can make substitutions and provide a no-nut event, upon request. We can provide gluten-free, vegan, and no-nut options.

What About the Upgrades?

Waffle Cone Bowls

$1.50 Per Person

Fresh Sliced Bananas

50¢ Per Person

Chocolate Chip Cookies

$1.00 Per Person

Triple Fudge Brownies.

$1.00 Per Person

Extra Toppings

50¢ Per Person
(ask for choices)

Extra Sauces

50¢ Per Person
(ask for choices)

Add Ice Cream Cones

$1.00 Per Person

Add Extra Ice Cream Flavor

$1.00 Per Flavor Per Person